1990, Quadrat - Bücher

1990, Square Books

copy books, editions of 6 and 12, photocopies of various materials. The books are constructed in 3 parts: the first part, on tracing paper, presents – in an endless loop – the templates of the Jupiter Squares. Four successive templates each result in a basic type of square. In the second part, the basic types are subsumed, and in the third part, the squares follow in numbers. The realisation of the individual series is different. Independent of this system, I used everything that provided interesting structures as copy material.

Series 1, black plastic binding, templates from copies of Dürer’s etching Melancholia. Series 2, binding of reflecting foil, the templates were copied using silver foil. Series 3a/b, different cloth bindings, templates made of shirt material that was subsequently used to make the bindings of the first 6 books. Series 4 was constructed differently. Only the templates were copied, in this case made of suitably crumbled chocolate. As the binding, I used 2 empty packages of Ritter Sport chocolate in each case, a different sort for each. Series 5 used an oil paper for the templates. This material was copied for the binding, as it could not be found. Series 6, Packaging paper Series 8, A3 used crosswise, dollar squares Series 10 had a different structure and was the last. The series 7 and 9 were not carried out. Only various concepts exist.

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