Abb.: Textbetrachtung, 1998

1998, Textbetrachtung (Text Observation)
section of text from Either – Or, Part 1, by Sören Kierkegaard,
laser print on tracing paper, A6, 1st edition of 100,
2nd edition 101-200, October 2000

If the pages of this book were totally transparent, the reader would be able to look through them to read the first page of Kierkegaard’s work, Either/Or. Heimbach has deconstructed this text by reproducing it according to an alphabetic schema. The letters are separated out one per page onto twenty-six pages, so that, for example, the first page displays all occurances of the letter "a" from the original text in exactly in the same places they appear in the original. The book’s vellum pages allow the reader to see through from one to the next, giving the whole an eerie depth as groupings of letters form odd molecular shapes superimposed over one another.

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