Peter Behrendsen

Windkörner (wind grains) is the last work in a series of text-sound pieces that started out in 1999 which deals with speech and sound, resp. the word „wind“. Previous versions of it are for performance, this latest version is an installation which was premiered in November 2007 at the Moltkerei“, Koeln. It is of course about wind but I see it as a work of „poésie and musique concrète“ insofar as there is no expression and „Gestaltung“ of whatever symbolical or other „meaning“ wind could have.

The complete piece is on one DVD: a 6 track sound piece (quadro mix down) and a visual projection.
The source material is 300 names of „regional winds“ of the world in very many languages of the world. These names were spoken by Bettina Wenzel and myself, treated with the granular software „ReplayerPlayer“ by the austrian composer Karlheinz Essl and composed as a 48 minutes sound composition. So there are no wind sounds or (intended) imitations of those but the sounds of the spoken word wind. The visual part is also just the names, visually composed as a sort of poetry concrete.
There is no intended synchronicity of image and sound.

Thanks to Volker Hennes and hans w. koch
Visual realization by Paul Heimbach
Peter Behrendsen
[ 2007 - 07 ]